• Heather Taylor

Two weeks in...

So it's two weeks into the row, and things aren't going exactly as imagined.

The first couple of days the fight west was going better than last year. I was as far west as I got last May and despite being pushed a bit north things were going well. I had a couple of days of good rowing, saw some sea lions, sea birds and even saw three whales five meters off the boat. The sun was shining and I was getting over the beginning of the row sea sickness. I had started eating meals and was getting into a good routine for rowing.

Then came the winds...

It's been a bit of a struggle the last week and a bit. I've had 30-40 knot winds and rough seas. I've become well acquainted with the cabin while waiting out the winds, and experienced a new level of sea sickness. My happy place has now become anywhere where the ground doesn't move under me!

I also lost my main sea anchor last Tuesday night. This meant that I blew further south with the strong winds, but it also meant the ride was smoother (being on the anchor can be quite jolting when I go over a wave). It was frustrating and a bit disappointing, but I'm thankful that I was prepared with a spare anchor on board. I was able to get the backup anchor out and hooked up when the winds calmed down a bit on Saturday. I also felt better with the slightly calmer seas and was able to eat some proper food. Sunday was an adventure in laundry washing my clothes on the boat in my little washing machine - aka Scrubba Wash Bag, and also shower day, as I continued to wait out the winds. While the winds and sea are calmer, it's still too rough and windy to make progress rowing.

Today has been preparing the boat, and myself, for another windy week. I'm hoping to get some rowing done over the next week when I can. I'm praying for a change in winds, calmer and more westerly, and less sea sickness. The winds are supposed to calm down the beginning of next week, so I should be good to go then.

While it's been frustrating, hard and I've been feeling pretty awful, it has helped to remember that I'm out here rowing for a reason. Keeping that image of the woman cooking her day's meal over a fire, and all those who are without access to medical care, affordable food, oxygen and vaccines, those things we take for granted, has helped me to keep going when all I wanted to do was head towards land where things aren't moving.

So remember, this whole adventure is for a purpose. Head to the website and click on the charity links on the main page to donate: www.pacificgiantsrow.com.