• Heather Taylor

The magnificent makeover

Prior to the boat's arrival, there was thought to do some painting to make her a Pacific Giants' boat. While I wondered if it might be unnecessary time and effort, upon its arrival, you could see that parts of the boat were in need of a paint after its last two ocean journeys. If nothing else, a new coat of anti-foul to keep things from growing on the hull would be well worth the effort. So the magnificent makeover began.

Once the boat cleared customs, it went straight to the site of Flecknoe Pty Ltd where Phil Kitney, the uncle of friend, creates 3D manufacturing solutions. Phil kindly let us store the boat over the long weekend in his shop, coming to open and close up each day. We had a team of sanders, particular thanks to Hugh Francis and Grant Wilson, the team camera guy, who were there every day. Grant helped take the boat apart and got stuck having to help put it all back together again afterwards - massive effort on his part! 

It was a mighty mission to get the deck sanded down so a team of friends came in on the Monday of the long weekend.

It then took a drive south to the Sport Aircraft Builders Club at Serpentine Airfield. Here Barry Campbell let us use his hangar to do the spray painting. Mike Crisp from Exterior Marine Solutions went over and above to get her painted in time - several late nights. 

One colour a night, with the yellow needing extra love. Mike used 2 pack polyurethane for the boat. I rolled on the antifoul on the hull and the non-stick paint on the deck, which was quite messy using a aggregate to make the roughness.


Grant and I put the logos on the following nights at the Sailing Club and she's now tucked away in her pen at Mounts Bay Sailing Club with sponsor logo, Stowaway names and pieces back on her.