• Heather Taylor

The Corona Edition

The thing you didn't plan for

When undertaking a risky venture such as an ocean row, you plan for a lot of things, but admittedly, a global pandemic didn't make the list.  For those who have not heard, I made it to California before the flights were cancelled and borders shut. I am currently in Monterey on Day 11 of self-quarantine. Thankfully the conditions are such that I'm still able to get out for a run/walk each day to stay fit. As the state is in shelter-in-place, everyone else is staying home too and doing quite well at keeping their distance on sidewalks. I'm waiting for the arrival of the boat on April 10th as it was shipped before all of this began. The shelter-in-place was just extended until 3 May as I was writing this. It would still be possible to launch until early June with the weather window, but will have to see as the days unfold. We recorded this video the day before I left Perth not knowing that was going to happen. 

Talking Rowing with Rory - theCoronaedition


While we wait

For now I'm slowly gathering non-perishable supplies not knowing as to whether they'll be used now, or later. Unfortunately postponing for another year comes with large downsides. Motivation and productivity are definitely down in the quarantine confines but I am getting time to do planning and catch up on the website and blog. I'll send out another email in the coming week or so with links to a couple new blog posts, one of which is a summary of my ten days at sea while in Australia.  One thing I am keenly aware of is that this is a global pandemic. Meaning that it has or will reach into communities who aren't concerned with having enough ventilators as they do not even have access to a hospital or doctor. These are the communities where TEAR Australia and Emmanuel International work. When our own world becomes threatened it is easy to become less compassionate or generous to those who are farther away. So while we all wait, you can still contribute to restoring and improving the lives of others. To give to the fundraising goal and care for these communities, you can follow these links: TEAR Australia - http://useful.gifts/hjtvf Emmanuel International Canada - https://www.eicanada.org/product/heathersrowingchallenge/ Emmanuel International UK -  tinyurl.com/yyf3adon