• Heather Taylor

Update: Midnight Launch on Monday!

**The wind always wins - it's now going to be late Monday around 11pm/12am.

A weather window is opening up on Monday morning (May 10th), so the plan is to launch at first light (5am PST) to maximise the daylight and get as far off the coast as possible. The hardest part of the row will be the first two weeks as the prevailing NW winds push against progress. The boat generally moves at 2 kt under human-power so low winds are need to make westward movement.

How to follow

The website is main place to go: www.pacificgiantsrow.com.The live tracking map is there along with the charity fundraising progress, blogs and social media posts. A fortnightly digest newsletter will come out if email is your main method of communication. We're planning to livestream to the launch on Facebook so you can watch around 5 am California time. It'll be available later as well (website and on FB)

Thanks so much for all of your support. I'm feeling excited and nervous. I'm not sure if starting it for the second time is a pro or con. Knowing what is to come in the first week (seasickness) vs having experience to make very small changes that'll make little things a bit easier. If you're of the praying kind, unexpectedly light seasickness, an extended weather window and all equipment functioning are a few requests. A swift and safe passage is the enduring one, and to hit the fundraising target! I've got a day to rest before it all begins. So I'll write again in a week or so once I'm feeling up for it and have hopefully gotten a ways off the coast. I want to say a massive thank you to the land support team: Caroline, Leanne, Steph, Grant and Natalie. They'll be helping keep everything ticking along and update you on all the progress.