• Heather Taylor

Stouffville Strawberry Festival 🍓

A long-standing part of the Canada Day long weekend is the Strawberry Festival in Stouffville, ON, Canada, my hometown. Growing up, downtown Main Street was closed for the day and filled with stalls of locally made crafts and groups selling strawberries served up in variety of ways. But to keep traffic ever-flowing and to take advantage of the park, the stalls have shifted to the side streets, and this year there was a rowing exhibit!

Our strawberry-related activity was to guess were the number of strawberries needed for a 90 day row based on an entirely strawberry diet. One lucky young man guessed correctly - 90,000 strawberries!! 🍓🍓 (4 calories/med-size strawberries, 4000 cal/day over 90 days)

A rowing machine competition for the fastest 500 m was won for 1:27 minutes!!

A key part of the day was to promote the Stouffville Boat Logo idea. In order to get across the ocean, I need some help to cover things that can't be easily donated  by in-kind sponsors like daily weather routing and radio safety calls, safety training courses, shipping and flights. While corporate sponsors can get their names on the boat, the average person can't give that much, but together, a collective sponsorship of the expedition by those in town would get a giant "People of Stouffville"-like logo on the boat to represent Stouffville's citizens, businesses and diaspora.

To help get Stouffville's name on the boat that'll carry the first Canadian ocean rower across the Pacific, sponsor here: https://www.gofundme.com/stouffville-rows-the-pacific

Special thanks to Durham Rowing Club in Port Perry, where I learned to row, who lent the rowing machine and single scull in which I spent many hours!