• Eleanor Mitchell

More than an oar stroke

Rowing is slow. An oar stroke pushes a boat about 10 metres. If you focus on a single stroke, it is hard to believe rowing can get you anywhere.

But in an hour you can make several hundred strokes. And over a day, those hours of strokes add up. And as those hours become days, and those days become weeks, and those weeks become months, oar strokes can carry you across an ocean.

We know that small, intentional, sustained actions are powerful. That is why we are so excited to support TEAR Australia. Over the coming blog posts, we'll explain the four principles that are behind TEAR's name and work.

T is for... T R A N S F O R M

The hope and prayer is that people's lives are transformed through the intentional and sustained work of TEAR and their partners.

That communities struggling with poverty and marginalisation can experience transformation, and be given the freedom to live out their God-given potential.

This transformation goes even beyond material needs. It’s about a holistic deep transformation of relationships and emotional + spiritual wellbeing.

It's the grandmother who through literacy classes finally learns how to sign her name, but it's more than pen on paper. It's self-worth, it's dignity, it's being able to teach her grandchildren and show them a new future.

And it’s a transformation that takes time. A long time. Through their partners, TEAR commit to journeying with communities for many years, through the struggles and the joy, to witness long-lasting change.

Change that has taken root and grown, so that communities are strong, thriving, and experiencing the fullness of life Jesus spoke about.

As Heather prepares to cross an ocean with thousands of small strokes, we invite you to be a small, intentional, sustained part of something even bigger. We'd love you to join with us to be a part of TEAR's life-giving, long-term transformative work: http://useful.gifts/hjtvf