• Heather Taylor

It begins again!. 

Row 2.0 is a go and will begin sometime in May 2021

There is unfinished business to complete not only on the water but more importantly for the reason it all started. COVID has hit the globe hard and communities that were taking steps to move out of poverty have taken a massive hit backward. Generosity is required more than ever. 2500 odd miles to row and $247,000 more to raise!

The plan

I have been given permission to leave Australia which is the final confirmation that it is possible to try again. I'm feeling more optimistic this year as the world is much more stable than last year - with changes now seeming to happen on a monthly rather than daily basis!

The boat is waiting in Long Beach and supplies in Monterey. The new trailer was finished in November and the boat itself should be ready to go when I arrive in Los Angeles mid-March. I'll be flying out of Perth on the 15 March and arriving in LA on the 16th.

Much, much more to come! Thank you again for your continued support, prayers and interest.