• Heather Taylor

Health for development project - Tanzania

Health for development project in Tanzania is a project that aims at transforming the livelihoods of the village communities through improved health conditions which will lead to not only a better quality of life but improved ability to work. The project concentrates on balanced diet, nutrition and breast feeding, clean and safe water, clean environment, and cleaner toilets. The close relationship between economy and health made us think of doing VICOBA (village community banks) and entrepreneurship as well.

Meet Hilda

Hilda is a pastor and a beneficiary of the Health for Development project. She was very happy to be included in this project. She says that many people like to be given money to help them improve their livelihoods, but from her perspective, it is different. She believes that if she is taught how to make money then she will have enough of it even in the absence of the supporter. She has a few chickens at her house and in doing the Health for Developments project she has learnt that if she increases their number she will be able to improve her health as she will be getting both eggs and chicken soup.

Hilda is among many people who have experienced a change in their livelihood through this project, which began January 2021, and she is very thankful to Emmanuel International for this great work they are doing.

COVID Update

During COVID- 19 to Health for Development project has not been affected in the same way. Different from the rest of the world COVID had no effect on the Health for Development project as we had no restrictions from the government this year, but we are taking precautions including avoiding shaking hands, washing hands and we give education on COVID to our people whenever we meet.

Training to become self-sufficient

Creating a sustainable project is key for Emmanuel International. We would like to see those supported in this project become self-sufficient. The Health for Development project gives the direct beneficiaries a wide range of skills where they can become entrepreneurial and increase their income. Training as seen in this picture is important to educate beneficiaries. Ultimately, they aim to be independent enough to even invite a specialist on health to teach them using their own income. Also, they are given full ownership of their VICOBA (village community bank) groups, selecting the leaders, and they are making decisions on how they want to do their activities; EI remains as an advisory organ.


This year, TEAR and EI hope to see more than 10,000 people enjoying improved access to safe water through their partners. Your support will bring the gift of safe and reliable water to vulnerable communities. Head to the home page and click on the flag that matches you best to donate.