• Eleanor Mitchell

Give a Useful Gift this Christmas

Giving and receiving gifts is a longstanding tradition at Christmas time. But often, despite our best intentions, the recipients of our gifts find them a lot less useful than we hoped. In developed countries, it's estimated 71% of people receive unwanted gifts, resulting in millions of dollars worth of stuff ending up unused in the back of our cupboards, or our landfill sites.

This Christmas season, get something that's truly useful for the ones you love, and transform, empower and restore communities.

Rather than an obscure gadget or a plastic trinket, get chickens for a family, classes for preschoolers from marginalised backgrounds, or a safe water supply for a community facing poverty.

You will get a card (delivered to you in the post, or digitally) to gift to your loved one, and communities in need will receive the gift of the development you have supported. If you're in Australia, you'll also get a tax-deductible receipt.

Gifts bought through the Pacific Giants Christmas TEAR shop will also tally towards our $250,000 fundraising goal: http://useful.gifts/jmzbp