• Eleanor Mitchell

Empowering change

“When women move forward, the family moves, the village moves and the nation moves.” So said the first Prime Minister of India, and today, women like Urumila (pictured standing) are embodying this truth.

A smiling woman in a bright pink beauty parlour

These days Urumila welcomes customers to her bright beauty parlour in New Delhi with a smile. Not so long ago, however, her life looked quite different.

Like many women in urban slums in India, Urumila never used to leave home or interact with anyone outside her family. That changed when she came into contact with TEAR's local Christian partner Saahasee. Saahasee works to empower and restore dignity to women through programs such as micro-finance and livelihood training. The combination of skills and business training results in income and improved self-confidence.

After doing a course in sewing and beauty therapy, Urumila took in sewing work at home and saved enough to start her beauty parlour. Now that she has three children at school, she can put time into her business. Her husband is also benefiting from this new income stream - they were able to upgrade his rickshaw so that he can earn more!

Just as important, Urumila can see the benefits to her sense of self-worth: “I feel very good now. I feel I have some self worth. I never thought that could be.” All things are possible when people are helped to see themselves for who they really are.

A happy man with tools

That is why the E in TEAR is a special one.

E is for... E M P O W E R

We are excited to support TEAR Australia in their mission to empower people.

It reflects our deep desire to see our global neighbours and fellow Australians equipped with the tools and confidence needed to bring an end to poverty and injustice.

As Christians, we believe empowerment comes from a true understanding of who God is and who he has made us to be.

This takes time and is formed through nurtured relationships, where people are mutually supported and equipped to bring about their own transformation and live out God’s call on their lives.

Pacific Giants will be rowing across the ocean from California to Hawaii to bring lasting change in communities facing poverty. The goal is to raise $100 for each of the 2,500 miles rowed to support programs raising up giants in their communities.

This will be enough to empower over 4,000 people like Urumila through small business training. Join with us as we stand on the shoulders of yesterday's giants to raise up tomorrow's: http://useful.gifts/hjtvf