• Eleanor Mitchell

Advocating for a better tomorrow

Speaking up can be hard, particular when you are used to not being heard. This can be a particular challenge for women in marginalised communities, who often face multiple forms of poverty.

This particular group of young women are unusual in that the very road they are standing on is a result of their mothers’ hard work in advocating for improvements to their slum. The mother’s group were fed up with their community not having access to a range of support services due to a lack of roads and other infrastructure. Their lobbying of local authorities paid off and now, for example, ambulances can visit their neighbourhood when people need one.

This mother's group is supported by TEAR’s local partner Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA). EHA is a fellowship of Christian institutions and individuals that exists to transform marginalised communities through health care and education. In the city of Fatehpur, EHA has brought neighbours together into self-help groups which are teaching women about advocacy, health care entitlements, employment skills as well as allowing them to save money for group loans.

Advocacy begins when ordinary people call on powers to change, using their voice for the voiceless, and stepping into hard places of embedded inequality.

A is for A D V O C A T E

TEAR Australia's passion for good development has always been coupled with this desire to address the systemic causes of injustice throughout the world.

That's why, as well as supporting the development of advocacy skills in marginalised communities, TEAR works to encourage and inspire Australian to speak up against the systems and policies that affect our brothers and sisters facing poverty and injustice.

We all have a role to play to address the many issues contributing to poverty and marginalisation. For Heather, this includes preparing to row across the Pacific Ocean (check out her progress on her first big practice trip https://my.yb.tl/pacificgiantsrow), to raise awareness and support organisations doing vital work in this space. To get involved, support our charity partner organisations advocating for the marginalised: Emmanuel International and TEAR Australia.