There are 3 ways you can partner with the Pacific Giants: sponsor, volunteer, and share.

1) Sponsor money towards the boat, equipment, and training on the Pacific Giants' Go Fund Me page.​ Any amount is welcome! $1 is a protein bar, so nothing is too little. 

Before the launch you can join the Stowaways with a $250+ gift and get your name on the boat.​​ Post-launch there are still costs which need to be covered like shipping the boat and trailer back home.

The Stowaways​

Through the Stowaways club, you will be part of a unique group of people supporting the team to buy our boat, equipment, and supplies!  Your name will be placed on the Partners page of our website and will be stuck on the boat  and take the trip too! All that is needed is a $250 donation to the boat fund.

To join the Stowaways, click here. Make your $250 donation and be sure to fill in your name so we can put it on the boat! 

2) Volunteer for our rowing and media support Team.

While she'll be rowing solo, there is no way that Heather can make this adventure a reality by herself. We need help with a whole boatload of things:

  • public relations: media releases and social media gurus

  • fundraising coordinator 

  • graphic design & website editing

  • meteorologist & weather routing

  • marine electrician

  • sea survival training 

  • navigation

  • boat maintenance training

  • ocean going wisdom

  • medical consultant 

  • personal training & physical therapy  


3) Share the Pacific Giants with your friends: our cause, our preparations and our ocean adventure.

Check out our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube pages. 

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